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    Neil Hamilton
    • Dancer

    London, UK

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    Ana parker
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    London, UK

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    Julia Robert
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    London, UK

    Hire Fashion and Entertainment Professionals
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  • I was waiting for this kind of portal from a long time, it's such a helpful tool to get regulare updates of Latest Jobs & Audition. I'll keep an eye on it's "browse Job" section to know the latest work oppurtunity.
    Fashion Professionals in Delhi

    Adam model

    New Delhi
  • I always had problem to showcase my portfolio and profile details. but now on fabstage i can add all my portfolio and details at a single place and can send the link to the recruiters They can see my portfolio with a single click. Impressive.
    Entertainment Industry professionals Mumbai

    Henry Animation Artist

  • Casting is always been very hard task. But with fabstage.com I'll be able to find my best suitable artist here. i can just go through the related profiles here and can call for the audition only who are really deserving talent which can save my time and money.
    Top Modelling Agencies in Mumbai

    Anna Casting Director

    New York
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    Henry Casting Director


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  • Networking
    Hire Fashion and Entertainment Professionals

    Networking on Fabstage is nothing but a gateway for the world of opportunities, meeting people and businesses that really make sense. What makes it even more interesting is the cluster of ideas that emerge from a collective pool of talented individuals. You can Hire Fashion and Entertainment Professionals at fabstage in a simplest way ever.A rare and rather unique avenue that goes way beyond mere socializing; you can classify it as serious stuff happening in a cosily designed comfort zone, connecting exceptional minds. When you sneak into it, you would definitely want to swim through. Variety, virtue and vitality are the elements that would make all the difference for you.

  • Easy Management
    Portfolio Deals in Mumbai

    A simplified user experience with smarter interface of features that are easily to handle and navigate through key applications would define Easy Management. At Fabstage, all the users who are either posting their requirements or responding to them are given an easy access platform which has been uniquely designed along with multiple features. Simply find Top Models in Mumbai, Fashion Photographers and many more professionals here. People posting job requirements can use the avenue of ‘Manage Jobs’ for managing their hiring and communication activities. Similarly, the job applicants can avail the provision of ‘Manage Job’ that typically serves as a personal Dashboard to track real-time status. ‘Manage Deals’ is an identical feature with handful of advantages.

  • Showcase Porfolio
    Choreographer Jobs

    The best of talents are hidden when there is no appropriate platform or avenue to showcase the performances of the past as well as the undying potential for the future. Fabstage indeed is a fabulous stage that hosts the best-in-class talents by facilitating an open arena for people with varied capabilities and professional strengths that are exclusive in many ways. In an objective market landscape that is eager to absorb the new generation and seasoned talents, it is only apt to make yourself known and Fabstage is definitely not a yet another option. Typically, you are not on Fabstage to only find jobs. You are here to build your own identity and make yourself known in the world of creative art. Create your deal like - portfolio deals in Mumbai, delhi and get your job and clients!!

  • Blogs & Articles
    Modelling Tips and More

    The compendium of information and practical approach to various situations are well represented through our Blogs & Tutorials. From ‘What is What to How it’s Done’, keep track of what’s new and what’s relevant. Sometimes, you will stumble upon them and many times you will search for them. Either way, you have a ready avenue to look for. The Blogs and Tutorials hosted by Fabstage are different in the sense that they are not only informative but also present the perspective from the recent developments and trending concepts. Ranging from technology applications to smart management, you will be loaded with all the apt resources. you can learn a lot from our blog, from How to become a model , to photography tips, modelling tips and many more.