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A Fabulous Stage to fulfil all your needs in Entertainment and Glamour Industry GREAT, WE HAVE GOT A CATCHPHRASE - BUT WHAT DOES IT REALLY MEAN?

Everyone, everywhere in this Industry needs talented people. And those talented people needs jobs But How to make them meet to each other to fulfil the need of both?


It all began with the career of a beautiful lady and our Co-founder, Preeti Arya. Thanks to a long hot summer of 2012 and some bunch of bastards, Ms. Preeti suffered a lot of trouble in starting of her career. She has a beautiful height, perfect face features and an awesome personality, what else was needed to be a successful model? Why she was not getting work? If she found one or two, Why she was getting paid so low than what she deserved? Where all the jobs gone? I Shakti Singh Khatri, founder and CEO of Fabstage, was always with her in her struggle and feeling the same pain. One day, one of my old friend called me from Mumbai and told that they were organizing a show in Delhi but they were not able to find models and promoters for that show because they don't have a good network in Delhi. A NETWORK? that word stroke in my mind, I got that where she was lacking, a good network of this Industry's people. Due to that, she was not getting all the information about the requirements! Every Industry stands on two basic pillars- DEMAND & SUPPLY .And this industry is not enough transparent to let the Demand meets to Supply, it's a referral market- a chain system. It was not about Preeti only, it was about all new comers and already established talented professionals. Nobody gets what they want and deserve exactly. We searched the internet. But just found a few talent agency websites and useless paid membership based websites. We tried those too, but ended up dealing with fake persons, auditions and their casting couches. We got no idea of jobs more than reality show's Auditions. A kid also knows where these auditions happening, why do i pay for just this little information. Then I realized: : What if there was just one simple go-to place for finding jobs for any talent you need? Imagine that while there, We could instantly see all about that company who posted this job like their office address, their earlier done projects, their registration with association, their other social pages. Where We could judge the company whether to apply to their job or not. With very little effort we could find jobs of trustworthy companies...!. On the other side, Where a Company could search exactly what they want and could have a look on the details and the portfolio of applicants without wasting time in meeting and auditioning the wrong guys and without paying a lot of money to mediators! Where Demand and Supply could stand clear and transparent to each other. So that, no casting couch could exist. With that need Fabstage was born.

What Now

On FabStage, you can join this platform to: Find the jobs for all kind of talent in Entertainment & Glamour Industry Search the exact talented professionals you need with the help of our smart search filters Get found by people who need your services. Grow your Network with in the same industry Manage your jobs and application with the help of our Smart Work Room.

Meet Our Team

fabstage founder ceo

Shakti Singh Khatri
Founder, CEO

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Preeti Arya

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Dang Tung Vu Technical Head

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